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DBS Industry og FURGY CLEAN Innovation sætter fokus på batteriteknologier og lagring!

Med fokus på at samle eksperter og virksomheder fra Danmark og Tyskland afholdt FURGY CLEAN Innovation i samarbejde med Danmarks nye batteriklynge DBS Industry onsdag den 24.10.2018 et dansk/tysk arrangement med batteriteknologier og lagring på dagsorden. Omdrejningspunkterne for arrangementet var bl.a. de seneste forskningsresultater og tendenser på området samt konkret brug af batterier. Arrangementet blev …

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WG1: In situ battery setup at DANMAX

Dear all, As agreed during the workgroup session at the DBS annual meeting we will have a meeting within the “in situ PXD battery cell”-workgroup (WG1) to discuss the operando battery setup to be implemented at DANMAX, MAXIV and also how to realize the construction. The meeting will be at SDU on the 15th of …

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Seminar: Li-ion Battery Technology and Safety in Applications

  Li-ion Battery Technology and Safety in Applications 7/2/2017, 9:30 – 15:45, SDU,M301, Sønderborg SDU and partners has put this seminar together about battery safety and degradation. Please see following links: Invitation_Liion_Battery_seminar Abstracts_Liion_Battery_seminar Schedule_Liion_Battery_seminar  

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Operando studies of battery materials

  To kick off the working group on “In-situ x-ray cells”  at the Danish Battery Symposium 2016, Lars Fahl Lundegaard and Dorthe Bomholdt Ravnsbæk held short presentations about different in situ cells for characterization of battery materials.

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Using impedance spectroscopy to probe conductivity properties in electrode materials

To kick off the working group on “Electronic and Ionic Conduction of Electrode Materials” at the Danish Battery Symposium 2016, Daniel Sørensen held a short presentation about the use of impedance spectroscopy to obtain values related to conductivity properties in electrode materials. Steen and Eivind mentioned that the impedance measured was very dependent on the …

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PhD Position in Development of Novel Electrode Materials for Rechargeable Batteries

Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy invites applications for up to two PhD positions in the development of novel electrode materials for rechargeable batteries. The position is available starting 1 September 2015 or as soon as possible thereafter. Application deadline is 17 June 2015. See the full description at sdu.dk The project focuses on developing …

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Electrical powered ferries meet the challenge?!

Everything starts with the why! Why do we need changes in the powering of short sea ferries? The shorts sea shipping is challenged by environmental, social and economic issues – in short there is a need to ensure sustainable transport. This presentation will show why we find that the E-ferry concept is found to be …

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Battery research at SDU and IISc, Bangalore, India: Li-ion microbatteries

Li-ion microbatteries may fill a nieche of applications in compact devices, if they can be manufactured on-location in circuits, or in packages with compact dimensions, and with long life expectancies. The methods of fabrications involve depositions of thin films (electrodes and electrolytes), contacting, and packaging. So far, the development of suitable sputter targets for deposition …

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DANIONICS A/S, 1994 – 2005

Danionics A/S was active in the period 1994 to 2005 in Odense, Denmark doing research, development and manufacturing of lithium ion batteries for portable electronics. The founders of Danionics came from the battery environment in Fyn, originating from the research activities started at SDU and with the creation of “Energilaboratoriet” in Odense by Johannes Jensen …

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