DANIONICS A/S, 1994 – 2005

Danionics A/S was active in the period 1994 to 2005 in Odense, Denmark doing research, development and manufacturing of lithium ion batteries for portable electronics.

The founders of Danionics came from the battery environment in Fyn, originating from the research activities started at SDU and with the creation of “Energilaboratoriet” in Odense by Johannes Jensen in the 80’ies.
In the early stage most of the funding came from EU projects that Danionics took over from Innovision, but soon the company also got funded by Danish venture capital funds and the activities were focused on the development of lithium ion technology and a commercial product.

The first customer was Compaq, who needed a battery for their new product, the iPAQ, a PDA that became very popular. Danionics supplied Compaq/HP with batteries for their first three series of iPAQs and invested heavily in equipment to have production capacity to match the anticipated demand.

This was made possible with the capital raised when Danionics went public in 2001, but a few months later in 2001 the IT bubble burst and the demand quickly went down.

Even though Danionics had several other small orders to various customers there wasn’t enough volume to make Danionics profitable and eventually Danionics closed its activities in Denmark

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