Using impedance spectroscopy to probe conductivity properties in electrode materials

specialized e-chem cellsTo kick off the working group on “Electronic and Ionic Conduction of Electrode Materials” at the Danish Battery Symposium 2016, Daniel Sørensen held a short presentation about the use of impedance spectroscopy to obtain values related to conductivity properties in electrode materials. Steen and Eivind mentioned that the impedance measured was very dependent on the geometry of the electrode, and the size and shape of the particles. This led to a discussion regarding the bulk resistance (ideally in single crystals) versus the resistance typically measured in whole battery cells. Daniel presented two cases about the measurement of the bulk electronic and ionic conductivities, and techniques to separate them. See his presentation by following the link below:

Presentations from the working groups

WG2: Electronic and Ionic Conduction of Electrode Materials

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