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Battery applications at Danish Battery Symposium 2018

At the Danish Battery Symposium 2018 we will put focus on sharing experiences within application of batteries. This is an area that has had increased focus from DBS in recent years with the integration of the ERFA group BG-04 (more info in Danish below). This year we have invited Kim Rasmussen from GN Hearing to …

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Talk: Hearing aid energy sources then, now and in the near future

The challenges in powering still more power hungry hearing aids with miniature energy sources, mainly batteries, are described by some history and examples. An overview of future technology for hearing aid energy sources is provided and examples are explained. Primary battery (non-rechargeable) technology like zinc air (ZnAir) and secondary technologies like nickel metal-hydride (NiMH), silver …

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Lithium batteries – fire and safety hazards

Due to the use of certain chemical compounds in combination with high energy densities and the use of control electronics (potential of technical defect) required for secondary batteries, lithium batteries are associated with specific potential hazards which need to be taken into special consideration with regard to safety. Spectacular incidents have raised public awareness of …

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Technical Seminar: Electrochemical energy sources and e-Mobility

UL International Demko A/S and Shmuel De-Leon are organizing a technical seminar on Batteries, Super Capacitors, Full Cells & Electric Vehicles (EV) on 28-29 August, 2017 Gain insight through a full review of current and future electrochemical energy sources, highlighting the latest technological developments designed to satisfy application requirements. Learn about evaluation tests, characteristics, acceptance tests, …

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WG3: Distributed energy storages and their role in the future energy system

PlanEnergi would like to invite you to an international workshop with the title: What role should energy storage on building and neighborhood level play in the future energy system?   At the workshop, Danish and international experts in the field will present their views on the role of small-scale energy storages in the energy system …

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Energy storage – Solutions to store solar and wind energy

How can we store energy? What do we do with surplus electricity from wind turbines? Conversion to methane gas and lithium batteries may be some of the answers. IDA mechanical is arranging a theme night on the subject of energy storage of renewable energy. The talks will be in danish and the information page and …

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Can storage help reduce the cost of a future UK electricity system?

Energy storage could save £2.4 billion a year system wide by 2030; if regulatory hurdles are overcome this could rise to £7 billion a year. This report outlines significant cost savings for the UK electricity system, should the potential for energy storage be realised. The impact of which could deliver savings of up to £50 …

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Optimized integration of energy storage solutions

The talk will include the following topics: Introduction of energy storage solutions within the Bosch group. Overview about the service offering and reference projects. Using storage in a more intelligent way through clever software. Enabling forecasting methods to plan storage usage with the most benefit to the given application. Results of the first reference customer …

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Hywind Scotland to feature novel battery storage

A new battery storage solution for offshore wind energy will be piloted as part of the Hywind Scotland project, the world’s first floating wind farm, to be installed off the coast of Peterhead in Aberdeenshire. The wind park is currently under construction and start of electricity production is expected in late 2017. Statoil will install a 1MWh …

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DTU International Energy Report 2013

DTU researchers in cooperation with leading Danish and international experts have recently published a very nice annual report on energy storage options for future sustainable energy systems The report deals with global, regional and national perspectives on current and future energy issues. Each report is based on internationally-recognised scientific material and is fully referenced. Furthermore the reports …

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