EIS Workshop



DTU Lyngby, Bygning 101, lokale S14


24/10 2016 kl. 12.30-16

About the workshop

It is our pleasure to invite all members of DBS to a seminar on impedance spectroscopy.
The seminar is arranged in accordance with the action points established during the annual DBS meeting in the in Working Group 2: Electronic and Ionic Conduction of Electrode Materials. The workshop will include talks from 4-5 persons from DTU, SDU and Haldor Topsoe A/S among others. The aim is to build a common knowledge on battery impedance and to share knowledge and experience on measuring techniques.

Main speakers

The main speakers will be Torben Jacobsen, associate professor Emeritus at DTU Chemistry, and Johan Hjelm, senior scientist at DTU Energy.
Torben Jacobsen has played a leading role in establishing impedance spectroscopy as a routine technique on solid oxide fuel cell systems, and his talk will cover the fundamentals of the technique.
Johan Hjelm’s talk will focus more on the application of impedance spectroscopy on actual battery research.
The seminar is aimed mainly on students working or planning to work on battery systems, but it is open to everyone with an interest in impedance spectroscopy on battery systems. If you wish to attend the seminar, please sign up below, and please feel free to contact Daniel Risskov Sørensen if you have any questions. The seminar is free to attend. Hope to see you there!

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