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2020.08.19-20 Webinar: Lithium batterier og sikkerhed

Dansk Batteriselskab inviterer til to webinarer med den kendte israelske batterispecialist Shmuel De-Leon. Lithium Batteries and Beyond, 19. August 2020, kl. 09:00 – 12:00 Lithium-based batteries Advantages and challenges Future battery technologies Handling Battery Safety Safely, 20. August 2020, kl. 10:00 – 12:00 From battery cell to system Battery control and management Safety and transport …

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Test af brandsikkerhed

Teknologisk Institut er blev akkrediteret af DANAK til at foretage test af brandsikkerhed iht. EN62619. Stigende krav til batterisikkerhed gør det nødvendigt at foretage forskellige sikkerhedstests. Instituttet tester nu beskyttelse mod udbredelse af såkaldt termisk runaway – også kaldet propagation test. Termisk runaway betegner de elektriske og især kemiske processer i battericellerne, der resulterer i …

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2019.10.22-25 Battery Safety Summit

Research continues to boost the energy storage capability of lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) leading to expanding applications and consumer use. Higher energy plus increased use leads to higher risk. Therefore, accurate tests and models are critical for predicting and controlling the complex electrochemical, thermal, and mechanical behavior of LIBs. Additionally, regulations to promote protection and information …

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2019.12.05 Battery Safety Seminar

Update on 2019.11.04: Unfortunately this seminar is canceled. The training program focuses on portable and stationary battery safety along battery cycle life (acceptance, testing, assembly, use, transportation and disposal). The motivation behind the training is to provide training attendants with the knowledge needed to handle safely the batteries in their organization and to support a …

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Battery safety at Danish Battery Symposium 2018

Battery safety is a challenge in the industry and we have chosen to focus on this at the Danish Battery Symposium 2018 (Danish post below). In the morning sessions we will be inspired by the NASA space suit, where the astronaut must be able to survive and work even if a battery cell fails – NASA …

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Lithium batteries – fire and safety hazards

Due to the use of certain chemical compounds in combination with high energy densities and the use of control electronics (potential of technical defect) required for secondary batteries, lithium batteries are associated with specific potential hazards which need to be taken into special consideration with regard to safety. Spectacular incidents have raised public awareness of …

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Seminar: Li-ion Battery Technology and Safety in Applications

  Li-ion Battery Technology and Safety in Applications 7/2/2017, 9:30 – 15:45, SDU,M301, Sønderborg SDU and partners has put this seminar together about battery safety and degradation. Please see following links: Invitation_Liion_Battery_seminar Abstracts_Liion_Battery_seminar Schedule_Liion_Battery_seminar  

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Workshops on battery safety, IEA TCP on HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicles) and the US Battery Safety Council

December 13th -14th, 2016, College Park, Maryland  January 12th  –13th , 2017 Washington, DC Please see attached information: .announcement-internal-short-circuit-discussion-nov-15 Here are some of the topics for January that were discussed earlier this year.  The exact agenda is still being developed.   1.        Causes for internal shorts; the intent of this forum is to educate communities that do not have …

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