Annual Meeting of the Danish Electrochemical Society 2015

Annual meeting 2015 of the Danish Electrochemical Society

Conference on Electrochemical Science and Technology

1-2 October 2015

Copenhagen University, Department of Chemistry, Universitetsparken 5, DK-2100 Copenhagen

The ambition of the conference is to foster an interdisciplinary interaction between students, researchers and industry professionals working in the broad area of ‘Electrochemical Science and Technology’.

Contributions covering developments in fundamental and applied research in electrochemistry and relevant experimental techniques are encouraged, primarily from PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, but others are very welcome too!

Invited speakers this year are:
Prof. Thomas J. Schmidt, ETH Zürich and Paul Scherrer Institute, CH
Assist. Prof. Darren Walsh, Nottingham University, UK
Prof. Jan Rossmeisl, Copenhagen University, DK
Assoc. Prof. Peter C. K. Vesborg, Technical University of Denmark, DK


More details can be found in the official invitation and at DEF’s homepage

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