A metal-free organic–inorganic aqueous flow battery

Abstract: As the fraction of electricity generation from intermittent renewable sources—such as solar or wind—grows, the ability to store large amounts of electrical energy is of increasing importance. Solid-electrode batteries maintain discharge at peak power for far too short a time to fully regulate wind or solar power output1,2. In contrast, flow batteries can independently …

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DBS i Energy Supply DK

Claus Meineche, Clean og Danish Battery Society, skriver debatindlæg i Energy Supply DK: “Foråret er på vej. Snart spirer alting og der bliver grønt. Parallelt med naturens transformering arbejdes der fokuseret med at udvikle nye teknologier, der kan skabe erhvervsmæssig vækst og samtidig bidrage positivt til bæredygtig omstilling til et energisystem baseret på vedvarende energi. …

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Preventing Fire and/or Explosion Injury from Small and Wearable Lithium Battery Powered Devices

Small and wearable electronic devices used in workplaces (e.g., body cameras) rely on a power source that stores a high amount of energy in a small space (i.e., high energy density). Lithium cells provide sustained power and often have the capability to recharge. When designed, manufactured, and used properly, lithium batteries are a safe, high …

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Talk: Promises, Problems and Proof-of-Concept for Ca and Al Batteries

When the World Economic Forum in 2016 made a ranking of the Top 10 Emerging Technologies thenNext Generation Batteries grabbed a prestigious runner-up spot, second only to Internet of Things. The big picture is that both IoT and NGBs undoubtedly will play an important role in our everyday life – but also that each prospective …

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Talk: Organic-Based Aqueous Flow Batteries for Stationary Storage

The intermittancy of renewable energy sources would couple well with large scale energy storage to maintain the current flexibility on the energy grid. This presentation explores the organic aqueous flow battery technology of which Michael is a co-inventor. Using inexpensive organic compunds in batteries, may be the price cut needed, for stationary energy to gain wide …

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Energimærkning af batterier på vej!

EU-Kommissionens har igangsat et lovforberedende studie for ecodesign og energimærkning af batterier. Studiet har til formål at sikre et økonomisk, socialt og miljømæssigt bæredygtigt marked for batterier i EU i fremtiden. Energistyrelsen ønsker at informere producenter, eksperter og interessenter i Danmark om studiet og muligheden for at bidrage med relevante kommentarer, data og analyser, der …

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Solar Redox Flow Batteries with Organic Redox Couples in Aqueous Electrolytes: A Minireview

Abstract: In recent years, research in solar energy storage with photoelectrochemical cells (i.e., solar redox flow batteries: SRFBs) has resurged. This development is emerging in parallel with the growing field of research into organic redox couples intended for aqueous redox flow batteries (RFBs) in a range of different pH environments. In a solar flow battery, the …

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Talk: Smart Cloud Control of Battery Energy Storage Systems

Director Lars Kruse from the Lithium Balance will be presenting at the Danish Battery Symposium 2019. The presentation explores a system approach for increased customer return and efficient maintenance. Which is implemented through a smart cloud based solution where all data is collected centrally, analyzed and then used for smart forecasting of optimal charge scheduling and predictive …

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Talk: Economic and environmental assessment of vanadium redox flow batteries

As part of the focus on redox flow batteries at the Danish Battery Symposium 2019, Dr. Christine Minke MBA from the Energy Research Center at the Technische Universität Clausthal will give us an insight in to the Economics and the environmental impact of vanadium redox flow batteries let us be inspired  In addition to this talk, …

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2019-03-18. to 19. Oxford Battery Modelling Symposium

Electrochemical batteries are crucial for a wide and growing range of applications from electric vehicles to grid energy storage. Yet despite huge advances in battery science and technology over the past 30 years, there is still much that is not well understood about their underlying operating principles. Mathematical modelling and simulation of batteries offers the …

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