Minutes from meeting on uniform electrode coating

It was a pleasure to welcome participants from Aarhus University, University of Southern Denmark, Technical University of Denmark and the Danish Technological Institute to a morning meeting at Haldor Topsøe in Lyngby July 7 about sharing hands-on experiences with battery material testing. The meeting was held in accordance with the action point established during the annual …

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PhD Defence, Roberto Scipioni, Performance and lifetime limiting effects in Li-ion batteries

Friday, 12 August 2016, at 13:00 The Technical University of Denmark Risø Campus Building 112, Niels Bohr Auditorium Announcement PhD defence roberto scipioni

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Revealing the Nanoscale Secrets of Batteries

A Stanford University-led team recently published research detailing how particles charge and discharge at the nanoscale, giving new insight into the fundamental functioning of batteries and opening doors for the development of better rechargeables. This new insight into the electrochemical action that powers Li-ion batteries provides powerful knowledge into the building blocks of batteries. “It …

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Will Tesla Gigafactory become a big game changer for the battery industry ?

Lithium-Ion Battery Prices Fell 70% in the Last 18 Months. Tesla’s battery factory gets a lot of attention. When completed, the so-called Gigafactory will manufacture more lithium-ion batteries each year than were produced globally in 2013. That will help push prices further downward. But a few other large producers — LG Chem, Panasonic and Samsung …

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Free downloads from the Bosch Automotive Battery Management Systems website

To anyone interested, there are a number og free downloads on the topic of Automotive BMS’es available from Bosch’s conference site: http://www.battery-management-systems.com/mediacenter   Active vs Passive Systems Ford: Approaches and Benefits of Advanced Battery Controls in Electrified Vehicles Jaguar Land Rover: How to implement safe battery management systems for high voltage batteries? How advanced battery …

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Sodium-ion firms get cash boost to bring technology to market

A UK based project to develop sodium-ion batteries for the next generation of electric vehicles has received a £38.2million grant. The scheme to develop the technology to meet vehicle manufacturer specifications is part of Innovate UK’s initiative to make the UK a global leader in emissions-cutting technology. English firm Faradion and Scottish based AGM Batteries …

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Unlimited charging for EV’s

The Danish charge point provider Clever have made a partnership with BMW Denmark and puts everything into one box. If you buy a new BMW I3 or I3 REX, CLEVER Unlimited free charge service can be acquired for as little as 199 kr. (26€) / month, depending on car model, fast charge opportunity and home charging point. …

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How to Make a Battery in 7 Easy Steps

Short video from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory   From smartphones to electric cars to home energy storage devices, rechargeable batteries power our modern lives. But have you ever stopped to wonder what’s inside these devices that allow us to send emojis, drive around town and so much more? If so, check out the Advanced Battery …

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Batteries perform better without the strain

Using high-intensity X-rays to study the crystal structure of a common battery material while it charges and discharges, researchers have filled in new details about how mechanical strain hinders battery performance. These insights could help battery chemists tailor the composition of electrode materials to make better high-power batteries.

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Uniform electrode coating – a visit to Haldor Topsøe A/S

  Haldor Topsøe A/S Haldor Topsøes Allé 1 2800 Kgs. Lyngby Thursday, 7th of July 2016 from 10am to after lunch (included) You will need to pick up an access card at the reception. We will start the meeting in room 6011, at Nymøllevej 66. We are planning a visit to Haldor Topsøe, to see how they …

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