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To promote the cooperation within electrochemical energy storage in Denmark through organization of meetings and events for researchers and industry.


The Danish Battery Society (DBS) is an independent professional organization of persons, institutions and companies working with batteries in Denmark.

By organizing open meetings and events, DBS will secure a high level of knowledge sharing within materials, technologies and research between Danish companies and research institutions. This is expected to lead to an increased collaboration and coordination of Danish activities within batteries.

DBS will be the most important forum in Denmark for all activities related to the academic and technical aspects of batteries.


DBS will be administered by a board which is elected by the members at the annual general meeting.

A membership can be achieved by anyone interested in promoting the object of the Danish Battery Society. Individuals can be admitted with a personal membership. Companies and universities can be admitted with a corporate membership. The quota for membership is set every year at the general assembly. The current quota is found at the sign-up page.

The list of members will be public on the website of DBS.

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Companies Danish Power Systems Lithium Balance Bio-Logic SAS Danish National Metrology Institute Haldor Topsøe A/S Danish Technological Institute GN ReSound A/S Banke Accessory Drives ACTEC A/S Schneider Electric Universities Department of Chemistry, Aarhus University Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University DTU Energy Conversion, Technical University of Denmark Department of Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Environmental Technology, University …

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Payments to the Danish Battery Society   You can transfer funds to the Danish Battery Society either by bank transfer or through Paypal.   PayPal Please use the button below to transfer funds through Paypal. Bank transfer In case you prefer to make a bank transfer, please transfer the apropriate amount to our account in …


Statutes of the Danish Battery Society Approved at the founding general meeting, March 1, 2013 Name and headquarter The name of the society is the Danish Battery Society (DBS). In Danish: Dansk Batteriselskab. The Society is located in Roskilde, Denmark. Goal The purpose of DBS is to ensure diverse knowledge sharing between Danish companies and …

The board

Please use our contact form to contact the board.   Organization of the board The board is organized in three teams: The administration team takes care of accounts, website, members and inbox. Lars Barkler (Chair), Jon Fold von Bülow, Jonathan Højberg The editorial team will ensure regular emails to members and updates to the website. Erik …


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