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A Lithium Balance BMS has been awarded ISO 26262 certification

Lithium Balance received the ISO 26262 ASIL C functional safety certificate from TÜV SÜD on a customized BMS, which is developed for leading EV SUV OEMs in China. With more than 50 man-years invested from Lithium Balance into the development, it is a remarkable achievement, the result of the combined efforts of the Lithium Balance …

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BMS fra Lithium Balance i Ford elbiler

Foto: Stine Bidstrup

Danske Lithium Balance optræder i en artikel i Jyllands Posten d. 11. februar 2020. Lithium Balance producerer bl.a. elektronik og software til overvågning, monitorering og balancering af batteripakker. På engelsk betegnes dette som en BMS (Battery-Management-System). Lithium Balance har fået en stor ny investor (Sensata) ombord, der giver adgang til elbilsmarkedet. I første omgang har …

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Towards an Ultimate Battery Thermal Management System: A Review

Abstract: The prevailing standards and scientific literature offer a wide range of options for the construction of a battery thermal management system (BTMS). The design of an innovative yet well-functioning BTMS requires strict supervision, quality audit and continuous improvement of the whole process. It must address all the current quality and safety (Q&S) standards. In …

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Battery safety at Danish Battery Symposium 2018

Battery safety is a challenge in the industry and we have chosen to focus on this at the Danish Battery Symposium 2018 (Danish post below). In the morning sessions we will be inspired by the NASA space suit, where the astronaut must be able to survive and work even if a battery cell fails – NASA …

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Special Issue in Batteries Journal

Batteries (ISSN 2313-0105) is an international, open access journal of battery technology and materials published quarterly online by MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute). The journal is free for readers and accepted papers will be free of charge in 2017 and 2018. Guest Editor Erik Schaltz will organize a Special Issue on Battery Integration and Operation in Electro-Mobile Applications in …

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The Battery Seminar 2016

The 2016 Battery Seminar will be focused on real life application knowledge from Industrial, Automotive and Storage (ESS) markets.   The Battery Seminar gathers top speakers such as Hans Eichel from Toshiba Group Europe, Kazuo Chiba from Nissan in Japan and battery specialists from Lithium Balance and Danish Technological Institute. By participating in the seminar …

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Annual meeting in the Danish Electric Vehicle Alliance

On 25 November from 1 pm to 5 pm, the Danish Electric Vehicle Alliance host their annual meeting with the topic Battery development including talks from researchers, companies and politicians. Speakers include members of the Danish Battery Society Lars Barkler from Lithium Balance and Søren Dahl from Haldor Topsøe A/S. Details about the meeting and signup info is …

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Danskudviklet kobling mellem lithium-ion hjemmebatteri og solcelleanlæg

Omkring 1. januar 2016 vil de første modeller kunne sendes ud af døren, og selv om det er cirka et halvt år senere end Tesla, så er Lithium Balances administrerende direktør, Lars Barkler, ikke nervøs for den amerikanske konkurrent. På Teknologisk Institut i Taastrup har et 5 kWh batterianlæg været i test siden december 2014. …

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Advanced Management System for Li-Sulfur Batteries

As the trends in power generation and consumption are moving towards environmentally friendly solutions, batteries might play very important role in grid-oriented solutions (i.e. renewables smoothing), and especially in the transportation sector. Electrification of the transportation requires secondary batteries with high energy density, long lifetime and low cost. Currently, one of the most promising candidates …

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Battery activities in Lithium Balance

The heart of any electric vehicle is a lithium-ion battery pack. The whole battery pack is managed in real time by a Battery Management System (BMS) – an electronic system that controls the battery pack allowing safe and reliable operation. The BMS provides overall management of the battery pack including over and under voltage protection, …

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