Battery research at SDU and IISc, Bangalore, India: Li-ion microbatteries

Li-ion microbatteries may fill a nieche of applications in compact devices, if they can be manufactured on-location in circuits, or in packages with compact dimensions, and with long life expectancies. The methods of fabrications involve depositions of thin films (electrodes and electrolytes), contacting, and packaging.

So far, the development of suitable sputter targets for deposition of electrolytes and electrodes has been a major aspect of the work (in which the author has been involved), and has succeeded, so that working prototype sealed batteries have been produced. Their life times and recharging capabilities are documented to be comparable to the formerly best commercially available microbatteries.

The current research in Odense relates to the project ReLiable, dealing with Li-air battery development, where we are partners with work packages relating to the interface characterizations, but in a parallel activity in a EU project we also aim at developing a platform for supercapacitors based on metal oxides.

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