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Redox flow batteries at Danish Battery Symposium 2018

At the Danish Battery Symposium 2018 we will put significant focus on redox-flow batteries that due to the inherent independent scalability of the power and energy is of particular interest for large scale storage of energy. We have invited group leader of the Redox Flow Battery Group at Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology Dr. Peter …

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Battery safety at Danish Battery Symposium 2018

Battery safety is a challenge in the industry and we have chosen to focus on this at the Danish Battery Symposium 2018 (Danish post below). In the morning sessions we will be inspired by the NASA space suit, where the astronaut must be able to survive and work even if a battery cell fails – NASA …

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Talk: VRFB vs “next generation” redox flow battery systems

Peter Fischer*, Jens Noack*, Jens Tübke* *Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology Joseph-von-Fraunhofer Straße 7, D-76327 Pfinztal/Germany Tel.: +49-721-4640-891 Fax: +49-721-4640-318 peter.fischer@ict.fraunhofer.de Vanadium flow batteries are widely acknowledged as long duration storage for stationary applications. Nevertheless, a huge variety of flow battery technologies have been published in literature during the last four years. In this talk …

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Avanceret energilagring 2017 – Termisk og elektrisk lagring

Energilagringskonference d. 30. november kl. 9:00 – 16:15 hos Teknologisk Institut i Århus Energilagring er mere aktuel end nogensinde! Teknologisk Institut holder nu for 5. gang konferencen ”Avanceret Energilagring”, som i år sætter fokus på termisk og elektrisk lagring samt lagringsteknologiernes markedsmuligheder. Konferencen arrangeres i år med en fælles formiddag, hvor der er fokus på de teknologiske …

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The 2nd Oil & Gas, Marine, Subsea and Aquaculture battery conference

The 2nd Conference for Oil & Gas, Marine, Subsea and Aquaculture batteries will meet to discuss and provide a platform for technological innovations and business opportunities with the latest updates in the fields in Norway and abroad.

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WG3: Distributed energy storages and their role in the future energy system

PlanEnergi would like to invite you to an international workshop with the title: What role should energy storage on building and neighborhood level play in the future energy system?   At the workshop, Danish and international experts in the field will present their views on the role of small-scale energy storages in the energy system …

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Batteries, Super Capacitors, Fuel Cells & EV`s Seminar

UL and  Shmuel De-Leon Energy, Ltd. are hosting a two-day seminar on May 3-4, 2017 at UL International Demko A/S, Borupvang 5A, 2750 Ballerup, Denmark The seminar program focuses on present and future needs of portable and stationary electrochemical energy sources and highlights the latest technological developments designed to satisfy application requirements. The program reviews …

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Advanced Energy Storage 2016

Danmark Teknologiske Institut inviterer til at deltage i den årlige konference ”Avanceret energilagring”, som i år sætter termisk og elektrisk lagring på dagsordenen. Formål Du får den nyeste viden om energilagringens rolle i Energinet.dk’s fremtidsscenarier til 2030 og fjernvarmens rolle som termisk lager for fluktuerende VE-produktion Du hører om praktiske erfaringer fra store og små …

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Gå hjem møde om batterier og energilagring

ATV vil gerne invitere til et gå-hjem møde om batterier og energilagring. Mødet holdes den 5. december kl. 15-18 på DTU, bygning 101, lokale S02, stuen Program for de to første timer I de første to timer vil vi bede tre eksperter gøre os klogere på batterier, deres virke, materialer, systemer og styring: Velkomst Tejs …

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Can storage help reduce the cost of a future UK electricity system?

Energy storage could save £2.4 billion a year system wide by 2030; if regulatory hurdles are overcome this could rise to £7 billion a year. This report outlines significant cost savings for the UK electricity system, should the potential for energy storage be realised. The impact of which could deliver savings of up to £50 …

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