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On Demand Webinar from Parker LORD

The Right Amount of Force: Reworkability of Gap Fillers in EV Battery Packs The webinar is available on demand (whenever you want to see it) through the link below: https://www.lord.com/event/webinar-rework-ability-of-gap-fillers-in-ev-battery-packs Introduction The fast-growing electric vehicle market demands robust and efficient thermal management solutions for battery packs, such as gap fillers and thermal pads. Gap fillers …

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Hvordan fungerer lithium ion batterier?

PhD studerende Andreas Østergaard Drejer fortæller om hvordan genopladelige batterier virker, og om hvad de laver i forskningsgruppen på SDU. Få en god introduktion til batteriers historie og lær blandt andet om elektrokemiens fødselsdag, hvorfor lithium er så godt, og hvordan man kan bruge reoler til at illustrere opbygningen af et batteri. Helt klart værd …

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Case Study of Residential PV Power and Battery Storage with the Danish Flexible Pricing Scheme

Abstract: The economic viability of renewable energy generation is vital for sustainability. Ensuring that optimal operation is always achieved, using energy management systems and control algorithms, is essential in this endeavor. Here, a new real-time pricing scheme, the Danish flexible pricing scheme, illustrates how residential PV and battery systems can optimize the electricity bill of …

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A metal-free organic–inorganic aqueous flow battery

Abstract: As the fraction of electricity generation from intermittent renewable sources—such as solar or wind—grows, the ability to store large amounts of electrical energy is of increasing importance. Solid-electrode batteries maintain discharge at peak power for far too short a time to fully regulate wind or solar power output1,2. In contrast, flow batteries can independently …

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Solar Redox Flow Batteries with Organic Redox Couples in Aqueous Electrolytes: A Minireview

Abstract: In recent years, research in solar energy storage with photoelectrochemical cells (i.e., solar redox flow batteries: SRFBs) has resurged. This development is emerging in parallel with the growing field of research into organic redox couples intended for aqueous redox flow batteries (RFBs) in a range of different pH environments. In a solar flow battery, the …

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Towards an Ultimate Battery Thermal Management System: A Review

Abstract: The prevailing standards and scientific literature offer a wide range of options for the construction of a battery thermal management system (BTMS). The design of an innovative yet well-functioning BTMS requires strict supervision, quality audit and continuous improvement of the whole process. It must address all the current quality and safety (Q&S) standards. In …

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DBS Industry og FURGY CLEAN Innovation sætter fokus på batteriteknologier og lagring!

Med fokus på at samle eksperter og virksomheder fra Danmark og Tyskland afholdt FURGY CLEAN Innovation i samarbejde med Danmarks nye batteriklynge DBS Industry onsdag den 24.10.2018 et dansk/tysk arrangement med batteriteknologier og lagring på dagsorden. Omdrejningspunkterne for arrangementet var bl.a. de seneste forskningsresultater og tendenser på området samt konkret brug af batterier. Arrangementet blev …

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2018-12-10 (to 11th) Solid-State Battery Session at the Nordic Conference on Ceramic and Glass Technology

The Danish Battery Society is organizing a half-day session on solid-state batteries at the Nordic Conference on Ceramic and Glass Technology 2018 and it will be possible for DBS members to participate. More info on price, time and sign-up for DBS members will follow later. All major car producers expect solid-state batteries to enable the …

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2019-03-12 Danish Battery Symposium 2019

The annual symposium in the Danish Battery Society is hosted by Aarhus University’s Department of Chemical Engineering and focus on current and future battery activities in Denmark with updates from research and industry. It will take place on Tuesday, 12th of March 2019. Please follow the link below for further information regarding programme, registration, General Assembly, …

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Battery Safety Council Forum 6 – Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment (July 24-25th, 2018)

You are invited to participate in a Technical Workshop (Forum 6) on the topic of hazard analysis and risk assessment in the context of lithium-ion cells and batteries.  The forum will be held in Washington, DC on July 24-25th, 2018.  This Forum is sponsored by The Battery Safety Council (BSC) in collaboration with the Battery …

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