Løsninger til at lagre sol og vind (17. April)

Hvordan kan vi lagre energi? Hvad gør vi med overskudsstrøm fra vindmøller? Omdannelse til metangas og lithium batterier kan være nogle af svarene. Læs mere om arrangementet og tilmeld dig på ida.dk

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Tour to battery and fast charging installations (23. May)

Learn about the future energy systems in a guided tour around part of the Nordhavn area in Copenhagen where more than a handful of buildings are part of the project EnergyLab Nordhavn. During the tour you will learn about the grid integrated battery, Denmarks first EV fast chargers, intelligent building automation and flexible and low …

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Research in Energy Storage at DTU Energy and Examples of Practical Use (23. May)

Learn more about the current battery research at DTU, hear about battery and hybrid solutions and get exiting practical examples on large energy storage solutions in Denmark. Læs mere om arrangementet og tilmeld dig på ida.dk

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What are the collection targets for portable batteries?

The overall target set by the Batteries Directive is that 25% of all waste portable batteries should be collected by 2012 and 45% by 2016 (Article 10(2)). Read more in the pdf “Frequently Asked Questions on Directive 2006/66/EU on Batteries and Accumulators and Waste Batteries and Accumulators”. If you have information about the current state …

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2018-09-24(till 26th) Conference on Circular Economy of Battery: Production and Recycling

CEB2018 covers topics such as raw materials, electrode materials, electrolyte, design and development, applications, collection and recycling for all batteries chemistries and all applications.  CONFERENCE VENUE LINDHOLMEN CONFERENCE CENTRE Lindholmen Science Park Lindholmspiren 5 417 56 Göteborg

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2018-10-23(till 26th) Industrial/PhD Course: Storage Systems based on Li-ion Batteries for Grid Support and Automotive Applications

The importance of the li-ion batteries is booming and after dominating portable electronics applications, they are entering into sectors like grid support, residential and electro-mobility applications. The penetration of renewables in the power system is considered to significantly increase in near future; thus, batteries can play a crucial role in the reliable and cost-efficient grid integration of intermittent …

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2018-10-31 Batterisystemer til solcelleanlæg mv

Batterier til energilagring er inde i en rivende udvikling, og begynder også herhjemme at blive koblet sammen med solcelleanlæg. Dette kursus henvender sig til installatører, systemudviklere og forhandlere af solcelleanlæg, som ønsker en viden om, hvordan batterier fungerer i forbindelse med solceller og hvordan de kan dimensioneres. Teknologisk Institut i Tåstrup afholder kurset d. 31. …

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Accelerated reported battery capacity loss in 30 kWh variants of the Nissan Leaf

In a new study, 283 Nissan Leafs manufactured between 2011 and 2017 have been analyzed with respect to the battery capacity fade. The authors of the investigation conclude, that a faster rate of decline in the state-of-health (SoH) for the 30 kWh variants over the 24 kWh variants is detected. Some of the 30 kWh …

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Lithium‑ion Batteries: Market Development & Raw Materials 2018

The Lithium‑ion battery industry has developed rapidly in recent years as existing battery technologies such as NiMH and NiCd, are replaced and the advent of mass produced electric vehicles is forecast to transform the raw material requirements for their manufacture. Legislation and regulation promoting the electrification of vehicles is expected to support increasing uptake of …

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Nordic Ecolabelling criteria for Primary Batteries under consideration

Dear stakeholder, We would like to inform you that our proposal for new Nordic Ecolabelling criteria for Primary Batteries is now under consideration. We would highly appreciate your input so that we can be as successful as possible. Nordic Ecolabelling is developing a new consulting process in order for you to get involved from the beginning of …

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