Kan batteridrift i elektriske tog helt eller delvist erstatte køreledninger?

Store investeringer til elektrificering af jernbaner kan muligvis spares ved i stedet at ”batterificere” tog. Teknisk set er batteridrift et interessant alternativ til en fuld elektrificering med køreledninger. Der har i over 100 år været batteridrift i Tyskland – frem til 1995. Det var med gamle, store og tunge blysyrebatterier. Ny batteriteknologi, der er udviklet …

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Chemical processes, their equivalent circuits and common pitfalls

Further elaboration on the equivalent circuits for EIS measurements and how they are linked to the chemical processes. Johan also explained some of the pitfalls of using equivalent circuits to model the impedance response, as it is always possible to construct an equivalent circuit with the right output characteristics, but that might not be a …

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General electrochemistry, equivalent circuit models and measurement techniques

Presentations on general electrochemistry such as electrode-electrolyte interfaces and basic electrochemical relations including the Nernst equations and the Butler-Volmer equation. Explaination of the background for equivalent circuit models and how the impedance response looks for these circuits in a Nyquist plot. To give a better understanding of EIS measurements a practical example is shown.  General …

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EIS examples on different cathodes and Lipon

EIS measurements made on self-produced batteries and on the individual components of the battery to understand how EIS measurement are linked to the different physical components. EIS examples on different cathodes and Lipon  

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Images from the founding meeting 2013

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New board of the Danish Battery Society elected

The board of the Danish Battery Society was elected unanimously on 1 March 2013 at the General assembly. The board consists of: Søren Højgaard Jensen, Chairman Senior scientist, DTU Energy Conversion, Technical University of Denmark   Lars Barkler, Treasurer CEO, Lithium Balance   Bo Brummerstedt Iversen Professor, Department of Chemistry, Aarhus University   Tejs Vegge Professor and Head of …

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Battery activities in Lithium Balance

The heart of any electric vehicle is a lithium-ion battery pack. The whole battery pack is managed in real time by a Battery Management System (BMS) – an electronic system that controls the battery pack allowing safe and reliable operation. The BMS provides overall management of the battery pack including over and under voltage protection, …

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Battery activities at Haldor Topsoe A/S

Haldor Topsoe A/S has a long history of being on the forefront of research and of being proactive regarding new technologies. Haldor Topsoe has of course been active on a large number of aspects regarding catalyst development, but also other types of research have reached far. Examples of this are the super conductor development, the …

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Battery Activities at DTU Energy Conversion: From fundamental mechanisms to applications

The activities at DTU Energy Conversion span a wide range of different aspects of battery materials and technologies, ranging from the fundamental understanding of mechanisms in novel battery chemistries over in situ characterization of transport and degradation mechanisms to commercial applications and testing of battery modules. Common for the activities is a close integration of …

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Nokia, the Battery Group 2004 and the Danish Electric Car Committee

1. Batteries for Mobile Phones – Nokia     – research on future chemistries     – validation of suppliers     – system optimization   2. Batterigruppen 2004 – BG-04      – exchange of knowledge and experience in area of battery application and chemistries        3. Dansk Elbil Komite – DELK      – provide information on electric …

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