STFC Batteries annual network meeting

STFC Global Challenge Network in Batteries and Electrochemical Energy Devices are having their annual network meeting on 30th June – 1st July in Abingdon just south of Oxford, UK.

The meeting will include key note speeches on current research challenges in batteries, fuel cells and hydrogen storage, as well as presentations on the latest development at STFC facilities and user presentations of their applications to research in electrochemical energy devices. Confirmed speakers include:

  • Mike Thackeray – Argonne National Lab
  • Felix Buchi – Paul Scherrer Institut
  • Edwin Garcia – Purdue University
  • Angus Kirkland – Oxford University
  • Nigel Brandon – Imperial College
  • Massimo Santarelli – Politenico di Torino
  • Nick Van Dijk – ITM Power
  • Rohit Bhagat – WMG
  • Harry Hoster – Lancaster University
  • Martin Jones – ISIS Neutron Facility

Attendance at the meeting is free – read more about it and register for the event on their website


About STFC Global Challenge Network for batteries

The STFC Global Challenge Network brings together leading researchers in industry and academia with a shared interest in the application of large scale user facilities to address key challenges in battery science and technology

Large scale user facilities play a pivotal role in the development of new and improved electrochemical energy devices including batteries and fuel cells. The Network will promote collaboration between world-class users and developers of large-scale research facilities and provide a forum to draw together researchers from a range of disciplines. Network members will be encouraged to share latest technique developments and help disseminate cutting-edge research ahead of publication.

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