Jorge Varela Barreras

PhD fellow



A Novel Battery Electric Vehicle Concept Based on Fixed and Swappable Li-ion Battery Packs
Functional analysis of Battery Management Systems using multi-cell HIL simulator
Multi-Objective Control of Balancing Systems for Li-Ion Battery Packs: A Paradigm Shift?

PhD information

Project Title: Battery Management Systems for Li-ion batteries
University: Aalborg University
Department: Energy Technology
Commencement: June 2013

Description of PhD project

The PhD project entitled “Battery Management Systems for Li-Ion batteries” is part of the project “Advanced Lifetime Predictions of Battery Energy Solutions” (ALPBES), Working Package 2.2. While the general objective of the project is “to establish leading-edge tools for lifetime predictions of battery energy storage”, Package 2.2 focuses mainly on enhancement of the current BMS state-of-the-art.


I am a researcher in the Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University, involved in the project “Advanced Lifetime Predictions for Battery Energy Storage”.

Nowadays my research focus is on Li-Ion battery testing, modeling, emulation, state evaluation, diagnosis tools and Battery Management Systems, as well as on Li-Ion battery systems novel designs and architectures for e-mobility applications.

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