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Gøteborg kan få induktionsveje inden 2015

I samarbejde med svenske energimyndigheder, Vianova og leverandører, ser det svenske vejdirektorat nu på muligheden for at bygge såkaldte “elektriske veje” i Sverige. Formålet er at f.eks. busser skal kunne lades op ved hjælp af induktion fra vejen samtidig med at de kører. Læs mere i det svenske Teknisk Ukeblad eller på ingeniøren.dk

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Paul Rosenquist: “Elbil er det reneste tøv”

He has made the best battery in the world and constructed his own current divider for large international companies. He has been a consultant for Volvo and is not afraid to speak up when it comes to electric cars and batteries. Meet Paul Rosenquist, aka Mr. 12 Volt.   Read the whole interview with this …

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New electric ferry in operation in Stockholm

The world’s first fast-charging fully electric ferry will soon be in operation in Stockholm, Sweden. With room for 100 passengers (75 foot), the ferry E7S Movits is the largest of it’s kind. It will be powered by nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery pack(s) that can be charged with up to 600 kW, which brings the …

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Battery powered ferry completes flawless six months

The cable ferry, the KF Hisarøy, powered by a battery system from Electrovaya has now been sailing between Mjånes and Hisarøy in Norway daily for six months, with “flawless operation” in Norwegain winter conditions. The ferry is built to carry 49 passengers and six cars. Owned by Wergeland AS and operated by Gulen Skyssbåtservice, it …

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New battery type claims 30-second phone charging

A battery that can charge in under 30 seconds has been shown off at a technology conference in Tel Aviv. Israeli start-up StoreDot displayed the device – made of biological structures – at Microsoft’s Think Next Conference. A Samsung S4 smartphone went from a dead battery to full power in 26 seconds in the demonstration. The battery …

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BYD electric bus drives more than 300 km on a single charge in Copenhagen

BYD bus Copenhagen

The 12 meter BYD electric bus completed its normal service on Route 12, a total distance of 110km (or 68.4 miles) carrying an average of 40 passengers. Then the electric bus set off along the Ballerup highway – a standard motorway – and further covered a distance of 215km (or 133.6 miles) ending the day …

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Panasonics 12V Ni-MH used in new idle-stop minicars from Nissan and Mitsubishi

Panasonic Corporation’s NiMH 12V Energy Recovery Systems is being applied in the new idle-stop (stop-start) minicars just introduced by Nissan Motor and Mitsubishi Motors in Japan: the Nissan DAYZ ROOX and Mitsubishi eK Space. The new models were designed and developed for the Japanese market by NMKV Co., Ltd., a joint venture formed by the …

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Board members of the Danish Battery Society reelected

Lars Barkler, Tejs Vegge and Bo Brummerstedt Iversen stood for re-election. They were all re-elected unanimously on 28 February 2014 at the General assembly. The board consists of: Søren Højgaard Jensen, Chairman Senior scientist, DTU Energy Conversion, Technical University of Denmark   Lars Barkler, Treasurer CEO, Lithium Balance   Bo Brummerstedt Iversen Professor, Department of Chemistry, Aarhus University …

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Large-scale battery storage system being built in Aachen is based on a modular design

The E.ON Energy Research Center at RWTH Aachen University, energy utility E.ON SE, battery manufacturer Exide Technologies GmbH’s GNB® Industrial Power division, battery manufacturer beta-motion GmbH, and inverter manufacturer SMA Solar Technology AG will build this year in Aachen a worldwide unique large-scale modular battery storage system with a power range of five megawatts. The project named …

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Topsøe invests in UK-based battery technology company Faradion

Haldor Topsøe A/S, a global market leader in catalysis and related process technologies, has recently acquired 18% of the shares in the battery technology company Faradion Limited based in Sheffield Yorkshire, UK. As part of the investment, Haldor Topsøe will collaborate with Faradion to further co-develop and scale up key parts of the company’s sodium-ion …

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