Alle indlæg der bare er generelle nyhedsopdateringer

Lidt om priser på energilagring

I sidste uge bragte Ingeniøren en artikel om et nyt koncept for lagring af elektricitet fra vedvarende energi. Når vinden blæser og solen skinner, og der er overskud af strøm, sendes elektrisk drevne togvogne op ad et bjerg i Californien. De er lastet med store betonklodser, som efterlades for enden af sporet. Her står de …

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Industrial battery material titans in lawsuit over NMC

The high-tech patent wars have spread to a new front, engaging two of the world’s largest industrial companies in a multibillion-dollar court battle over lithium-ion batteries. At issue is a battery chemistry that, while little known to the public, many experts believe currently holds the best chance of electric cars penetrating the mass market. The …

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På jagt efter nye batterier fra Kina

True Cousins har de seneste år arbejdet med at udvikle og bygge lynhurtige el-motorcykler og -biler. Til dette skal der bruges batterier og de fortæller i et blog-indlæg på ingeniøren om udfordringerne ved at købe batterier fra Kina.   Efter at have udvekslet over 150 mails og modtaget 5 vareprøver over 4 måneder med 2 …

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Dyson invests $15m in Sakti3 battery technology

Dyson is investing $15m in a new type of battery that promises to double smartphone battery life and allow electric cars to drive over 600 miles per charge. The British vacuum company was alerted to the University of Michigan spin-off called Sakti3, which has developed next generation solid-state technology that can store twice as much …

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New board member of the Danish Battery Society for 2015

  Søren Højgaard Jensen, Frederik Flemming and Søren Juhl Andreasen stood for re-election. Søren Juhl Andreasen had to leave his post as he is seeking new challenges in a Fuel Cell company. Kjeld Nørregård, Project Manager at Teknologisk Institut, Aarhus was elected instead. New Board Member og DBS 2015   Senior Project Manager, Transport and …

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Support for Danish EV tax exemption

In a new survey conducted by the Danish Society of Engineers, 74% of the Danes support continued tax exemption for electrical vehicles beyond 2015. Also, the sale of electrical vehicles increased to more than 1500 in 2014 (almost 1% of all cars sold in 2014).   Read the full article (in Danish) at IDA.dk.

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Danish consortium receives 17 million € to develop electric short sea shipping

On 28 January 2015 it was announced that the Danish consortium Green Ferry Vision got a 17 million € grant from the EU Horizon 2020. The aim is to perform a feasibility study for the design, production and operation of an innovative low weight ferry for cars and passengers. The consortium is constituted by Siemens, the Transport Innovation Network and …

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New online discussion forum in the PhD network

We have launched a new forum in our PhD network to facilitate an easy and accessible way of sharing knowledge. Membership of the forum is required to post, but the discussions are public. Topics in the forum could be related to experimental best-practice, finding a reliable supplier and establishing collaboration on experimental techniques. Have a look at …

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Network Rail begins on-track trials of first battery-powered train in UK

Network Rail has started trials of its first battery-powered train on a test track in Derby, UK, after completing the retrofitting of the unit. The on-track trials will culminate into a series of high-speed tests at the Rail Innovation and Development Centre (RIDC) in Nottinghamshire at the end of the year. The project was co-funded …

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Lithium Battery Shipping Guidelines

The transport regulations applicable to lithium batteries can be difficult to navigate for companies and individuals who are not familiar with dangerous goods in general. As there are different parties involved in the transport of lithium batteries from manufacturers, technicians and engineers to battery assemblers and consumer electronics retailers, IATA has created the LBSG to …

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