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Danish Battery Symposium 2016

The annual symposium in the Danish Battery Society is hosted by DTU Energy and focus on current and future battery activities in Denmark with updates from research and industry. The sign-up, agenda and further details are found here. We look forward to see you in Lyngby! – Danish Battery Society

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UL seminar: Portable Battery Safety Standards and Testing

UL is hosting a battery safety seminar on portable battery safety standards and testing. UL’s battery research and development team works closely with manufacturers, government agencies, regulators, technology institutes and accreditation bodies to keep pace with the industry and technological advancements. Get some fresh knowledge about global requirements and certifications for small batteries from our experts. …

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Designing the first electric touring motorcycle

Having to cover 40.000 kilometres in 80 days has challenged STORM Eindhoven to create a motorcycle that holds great amounts of energy, but also enables the driver to easily replenish this energy. STORM Pulse uses a swappable, modular battery pack to be able to adapt its characteristics to the demands of the route. Furthermore, the …

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Update from the Discussion Session on material testing

On 19 October 2015, Haldor Topsøe A/S hosted a discussion session on material testing. The intention was to discuss and align testing methods between companies and research institutions in Denmark and develop a common best practice. Around 20 people from universities and companies attended the meeting and presentations from five speakers on coating, coin cells, …

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Annual meeting in the Danish Electric Vehicle Alliance

On 25 November from 1 pm to 5 pm, the Danish Electric Vehicle Alliance host their annual meeting with the topic Battery development including talks from researchers, companies and politicians. Speakers include members of the Danish Battery Society Lars Barkler from Lithium Balance and Søren Dahl from Haldor Topsøe A/S. Details about the meeting and signup info is …

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Nordic Battery Conference 2015 (NORDBATT 2) (Dec. 2-3)

The NORDBATT 2 conference will be hosted in Trondheim, Norway on the 2-3 December by NTNU and SINTEF. The Nordic Battery Conference (NORDBATT) provides the opportunity to review the most recent advances in battery science from materials development to cell electrochemistry and battery utilization for a range of applications. In addition, it provides the basis …

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Invitation to Battery Seminar (December 8-9th 2015)

Update: The battery seminar has been re-scheduled to December and the program has been changed slightly. Shmuel De Leon Energy (SDLE) and Lithium Balance A/S want to repeat the last year success and organize yet another battery technology seminar for professionals from December 8-9th 2015, in Copenhagen. Read more about the seminar in the invitation. The …

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Annual Meeting of the Danish Electrochemical Society

The Danish Electrochemical Society (DEF) is organising an annual two day conference on “Electrochemical Science and Technology”. The meeting will cover a wide range of talks within electrochemistry and present four invited speakers focusing on electrocatalysis and photoelectrocatalysis. The ambition of the conference is to foster an interdisciplinary interaction between students, researchers and industry professionals working in the broad area …

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Discussion Session: Material testing – from powder to cell

We are inviting all of you to an afternoon discussion session on material testing – from powder to cell. We will go through the process from powder handling and properties to electrode fabrication and cell assembly. Goal: The goal of the discussion session is to share knowledge on the most successful material testing practices that …

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Electrical powered ferries meet the challenge?!

Everything starts with the why! Why do we need changes in the powering of short sea ferries? The shorts sea shipping is challenged by environmental, social and economic issues – in short there is a need to ensure sustainable transport. This presentation will show why we find that the E-ferry concept is found to be …

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