DBS Newsletter 2013-11

        Read our latest newsletter here NordBatt 1 (4.-5. December 2013) The first battery conference in the Nordic countries. It will provide a local Nordic platform for leading scientists and industrial representatives to communicate novel ideas and new findings, to inspire scientific breakthroughs and technological advances for energy storage solutions of the future. You …

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Videnskaben er enig: Batterier er billigere og bedre end køreledninger

Videnskaben er enig: Batterier er billigere og bedre end køreledninger Dansk Batteriselskab inviterede den 22. august til debat på DTU Risø Campus om indføring af batteritog i Danmark i stedet for, som regeringen har lagt op til, at bruge 8,7 mia. kroner på at elektrificere tognettet. En opsigtsvækkende rapport fra bl.a. DONG Energy viste i …

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Danish newspaper articles on electric trains


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Metal borohydrides as solid-state electrolytes

Storage of renewable energy is essential in order to create a new sustainable energy economy e.g. directly as electricity in a Li-battery or indirectly as hydrogen in a solid state metal hydride.1 Batteries are rechargeable but have moderate life time and limited energy storage capacity. Metal borohydrides can store considerable amounts of energy as hydrogen …

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Procrystal analysis for easy visualization of Li pathways

The search for novel crystalline materials for use as electrodes in battery materials is a lengthy and costly process. There is a great need for a fast evaluation tool to supplement already existing experimental and theoretical methods. In this talk, the procrystal analysis is introduced as a fast technique for pointing out promising candidates for …

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In-situ synchrotron powder X-ray diffraction

Our group has developed and successfully used an in-situ measurement setup for the study hydrothermal formation of nanoparticles under sub- and supercritical conditions. The presentation introduces details of the experimental setup as well as explaining each step of the data analysis. As an example of one of our experiment some preliminary results of a temperature …

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Kan batteridrift i elektriske tog helt eller delvist erstatte køreledninger?

Store investeringer til elektrificering af jernbaner kan muligvis spares ved i stedet at ”batterificere” tog. Teknisk set er batteridrift et interessant alternativ til en fuld elektrificering med køreledninger. Der har i over 100 år været batteridrift i Tyskland – frem til 1995. Det var med gamle, store og tunge blysyrebatterier. Ny batteriteknologi, der er udviklet …

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Chemical processes, their equivalent circuits and common pitfalls

Further elaboration on the equivalent circuits for EIS measurements and how they are linked to the chemical processes. Johan also explained some of the pitfalls of using equivalent circuits to model the impedance response, as it is always possible to construct an equivalent circuit with the right output characteristics, but that might not be a …

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General electrochemistry, equivalent circuit models and measurement techniques

Presentations on general electrochemistry such as electrode-electrolyte interfaces and basic electrochemical relations including the Nernst equations and the Butler-Volmer equation. Explaination of the background for equivalent circuit models and how the impedance response looks for these circuits in a Nyquist plot. To give a better understanding of EIS measurements a practical example is shown.  General …

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EIS examples on different cathodes and Lipon

EIS measurements made on self-produced batteries and on the individual components of the battery to understand how EIS measurement are linked to the different physical components. EIS examples on different cathodes and Lipon  

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