Will Tesla Gigafactory become a big game changer for the battery industry ?

Lithium-Ion Battery Prices Fell 70% in the Last 18 Months.

Tesla’s battery factory gets a lot of attention. When completed, the so-called Gigafactory will manufacture more lithium-ion batteries each year than were produced globally in 2013.

That will help push prices further downward. But a few other large producers — LG Chem, Panasonic and Samsung — are already making batteries at unprecedented scale. There are numerous giga-scale factories producing cells and battery packs for electric cars and stationary applications throughout Asia. And the recent wave of capacity is already impacting pricing in a big way.


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Tesla Gigafactory opens, expected to double global lithium-ion battery production

Still only 14 percent complete.

Tesla has officially opened its Gigafactory in the Nevada desert, after an investment of roughly $5 billion. The plant is only 14 percent complete at this stage, but when fully finished, it will be about 10 million square feet – or nearly the size of 174 NFL football fields, making it one of the largest buildings on the globe.

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