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In-situ x-ray cells

Summary of the workshop at DBS 2016

Presentations were given by Dorthe Ravnsbæk from SDU and Lars Fahl Lundegaard from Haldor Topsøe A/S.
See the presentations by following the link below:

Presentations from the working groups


The workshop resultet in two main focus areas with the following action points:

In situ XRD coin and dome cells

  • Lars will coordinate preparation of electrode reference samples and distribution to interested members of the group.
  • Lars will coordinate a one day workshop in the autumn at Topsoe, focusing on knowledge sharing on preparation and use of battery coin/dome cells with x-ray transparent windows.

DanMax beam line in Lund

  • Dorthe will coordinate discussion between our group and staff at the DanMax beam line. The goal is to find a common experimental platform and to prepare a wish list for battery related equipment on the beam line (Gloveboxes, potentiostats, etc.).

We are also working on an overview with the different experimental techniques that we have available in our group, which will be made public here once ready.

Purpose of the group

A number of different in situ cells for characterization of battery materials are being used within the Danish battery community. The goal of this group is to discuss advantages and disadvantages of the different experimental techniques, and to obtain a better understanding of how they complement each other. We also would like to discuss what opportunities we see in the new MAX-IV synchrotron in Lund and potentially work towards developing joint experimental equipment.

Members (16)

Key persons: Lars Lundegaard, Haldor Topsøe A/S and Dorthe Ravnsbæk, SDU

Martin Bondesgaard, AU
Solveig Kjeldgaard, AU
Steinar Birgisson, AU
Didier Blanchard, DTU

Jette Mathiesen, DTU
Kristoffer Graae, DTU
Malte Petersen, DTU
Mathias Christensen, DTU
Mie Storm, DTU
Poul Norby, DTU
Rune Johnsen, DTU
Christian Christensen, SDU
Daniel Sørensen, SDU
Rajnish Dhiman, SDU
Christian Henriksen, SDU

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