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Batteries perform better without the strain

Using high-intensity X-rays to study the crystal structure of a common battery material while it charges and discharges, researchers have filled in new details about how mechanical strain hinders battery performance. These insights could help battery chemists tailor the composition of electrode materials to make better high-power batteries.

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Uniform electrode coating – a visit to Haldor Topsøe A/S

  Haldor Topsøe A/S Haldor Topsøes Allé 1 2800 Kgs. Lyngby Thursday, 7th of July 2016 from 10am to after lunch (included) You will need to pick up an access card at the reception. We will start the meeting in room 6011, at Nymøllevej 66. We are planning a visit to Haldor Topsøe, to see how they …

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Highlights from Danish Battery Symposium 2016

The third annual symposium in the Danish Battery Society was hosted by DTU Energy in the comfortable meeting center at DTU Lyngby Campus. The ambition of this years symposium was different from previous years with a more open program to enable more networking and direct knowledge sharing. The speakers Don Siegel from University of Michigan and Kevin …

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Can storage help reduce the cost of a future UK electricity system?

Energy storage could save £2.4 billion a year system wide by 2030; if regulatory hurdles are overcome this could rise to £7 billion a year. This report outlines significant cost savings for the UK electricity system, should the potential for energy storage be realised. The impact of which could deliver savings of up to £50 …

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The Battery Show Europe 2017

The Battery Show Europe is set to become the premier exhibition and conference for advanced battery manufacturing and technology in Europe, taking place 4-6 April 2017, in Sindelfingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Go to the event website http://www.thebatteryshow.eu/

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Novel low cost redox species for solid state and flow batteries

A group under the Engineering department at Aarhus University is working with solid state and flow batteries. This article is a description of the groups focus and accomplishments. Introduction and focus Our group aims at developing technology for future low cost storage of energy. The technology of choice is stationary batteries for storage of renewable electricity that …

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Operando studies of battery materials

  To kick off the working group on “In-situ x-ray cells”  at the Danish Battery Symposium 2016, Lars Fahl Lundegaard and Dorthe Bomholdt Ravnsbæk held short presentations about different in situ cells for characterization of battery materials.

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Using impedance spectroscopy to probe conductivity properties in electrode materials

To kick off the working group on “Electronic and Ionic Conduction of Electrode Materials” at the Danish Battery Symposium 2016, Daniel Sørensen held a short presentation about the use of impedance spectroscopy to obtain values related to conductivity properties in electrode materials. Steen and Eivind mentioned that the impedance measured was very dependent on the …

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New lithium battery air shipment rules have taken effect.

The new IATA dangerous goods rules for lithium battery air shipments just took effect on Friday. Starting April 1, 2016, lithium-ion batteries packed alone (UN 3480) are prohibited as cargo on passenger aircraft. This is just one of many changes taking effect for lithium battery shippers on April 1. Others include new restrictions on shipment …

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