Highlights from Danish Battery Symposium 2016

The third annual symposium in the Danish Battery Society was hosted by DTU Energy in the comfortable meeting center at DTU Lyngby Campus. The ambition of this years symposium was different from previous years with a more open program to enable more networking and direct knowledge sharing.

The speakers Don Siegel from University of Michigan and Kevin Schimchar from Robert Bosch GmbH kicked of the meeting with interesting talks on such different subjects as Rechargeable magnesium ion batteries and Integration of battery-based energy storage. The presentations are made available here as we receive the revised versions.

The rest of the day was packed with updates from the member institutions and companies, an interesting guided lab tour in the EV-lab at DTU, and knowledge sharing through a number of working groups. Updates were given by Poul Norby from DTU Energy, Steinar Birgisson and Emil Drazevic from Aarhus University, Dorthe B. Ravnsbæk from University of Southern Denmark, Martin Zacho from Schneider Electric, Daniel Stroe from Aalborg University and Jonathan Højberg form Haldor Topsøe A/S.

Four working groups were made during the day forming a very nice foundation of direct knowledge sharing within the society. The four working groups were In-situ x-ray cells, Electronic and ionic conduction of electrode materials, Application of batteries and Flow batteries. In addition to facilitate knowledge sharing, each working group should come up with specific tasks to ensure a continuation of the knowledge sharing after the symposium. It is possible to follow the work and contribute to one or more working groups by signing up here.

Pictures from the symposium are available here.



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