These posts contains all the reports written or referenced by the members in the Danish Battery Society

Chairman’s Report

General Assembly DTI CPH, March 7th, 2018   Constitution of the new board After the General Assembly in 2017 we could welcome three new board members: Erik Schaltz (Associate professor, Aalborg University), Poul Norby (Professor, DTU Energy) and Per Jørgensen Møller (Chairman, BG-04). Based on the good experience from 2016 it was agreed to continue …

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What are the collection targets for portable batteries?

The overall target set by the Batteries Directive is that 25% of all waste portable batteries should be collected by 2012 and 45% by 2016 (Article 10(2)). Read more in the pdf “Frequently Asked Questions on Directive 2006/66/EU on Batteries and Accumulators and Waste Batteries and Accumulators”. If you have information about the current state …

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Lithium‑ion Batteries: Market Development & Raw Materials 2018

The Lithium‑ion battery industry has developed rapidly in recent years as existing battery technologies such as NiMH and NiCd, are replaced and the advent of mass produced electric vehicles is forecast to transform the raw material requirements for their manufacture. Legislation and regulation promoting the electrification of vehicles is expected to support increasing uptake of …

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Lithium batteries – fire and safety hazards

Due to the use of certain chemical compounds in combination with high energy densities and the use of control electronics (potential of technical defect) required for secondary batteries, lithium batteries are associated with specific potential hazards which need to be taken into special consideration with regard to safety. Spectacular incidents have raised public awareness of …

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The Evolution of Battery Technology Infographic

The Battery Series is a five-part infographic series that explores how batteries work, the players in the market, the materials needed to build batteries, and how future battery developments may affect the world. This is Part 1, which looks at the basics of batteries and the history of battery technology. Check it out at http://www.visualcapitalist.com/evolution-of-battery-technology/ Today, …

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Chairman’s Report

See link to pdf Chairman’s report 2017. General Assembly Odense, March 6th, 2017   Constitution of the new board After the General Assembly in 2016 the first task was the constitution of the new elected board. We all agreed that our focus should be on driving activities for the members, and we therefore organised the board …

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Overcoming Thermal Challenges in Charging Systems for PHEV

Manufacturers in the passenger and commercial vehicle sector are coming up with their own electric vehicles models. Major OEMs are constantly developing new ways to make electric vehicles and hybrids more competitive and to increase customer’s acceptance. How will their solutions and developments impact the market? What are the current innovations and solutions to charging …

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Can storage help reduce the cost of a future UK electricity system?

Energy storage could save £2.4 billion a year system wide by 2030; if regulatory hurdles are overcome this could rise to £7 billion a year. This report outlines significant cost savings for the UK electricity system, should the potential for energy storage be realised. The impact of which could deliver savings of up to £50 …

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Upcoming WEC report

INVITATION Presentation of upcoming WEC report on world rankings for energy sustainability The global sustainability index 2015, that will be launched by World Energy Council (WEC) in November 2015, rate 130 countries on their ability to provide the country with a secure and environmental sustainable energy supply to an affordable price. From a position as …

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DTU International Energy Report 2013

DTU researchers in cooperation with leading Danish and international experts have recently published a very nice annual report on energy storage options for future sustainable energy systems The report deals with global, regional and national perspectives on current and future energy issues. Each report is based on internationally-recognised scientific material and is fully referenced. Furthermore the reports …

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