Overcoming Thermal Challenges in Charging Systems for PHEV


Manufacturers in the passenger and commercial vehicle sector are coming up with their own electric vehicles models. Major OEMs are constantly developing new ways to make electric vehicles and hybrids more competitive and to increase customer’s acceptance.

How will their solutions and developments impact the market? What are the current innovations and solutions to charging systems for PHEV and opportunities for advancements in power electronics?

Dr. Achim Henkel, Section Manager Powertrain and Electrical Systems at Robert Bosch GmbH in Germany, made this exclusive presentation on the topic of: “Thermal limits in a 22 kW wireless charging vehicle power electronics”


Download the presentation here: http://www.thermal-management-conference.com/robert-bosch-present-shmuel-blast

The presentation covers the following:

  • System constrains in 22kW wireless charging systems
  • Issues related to space and temperature
  • Capacitor design
  • Cooling optimization and water flow simulations



  • System overview
  • Power losses distribution
  • Thermal challenges and measures
    • Component distribution
    • Heat sink optimization
    • Capacitor design
  • Summary

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