Advanced Management System for Li-Sulfur Batteries

As the trends in power generation and consumption are moving towards environmentally friendly solutions, batteries might play very important role in grid-oriented solutions (i.e. renewables smoothing), and especially in the transportation sector. Electrification of the transportation requires secondary batteries with high energy density, long lifetime and low cost. Currently, one of the most promising candidates fulfilling these requirements is an n emerging lithium sulfur (Li-S) battery technology.

Li-S battery

The main goal of this PhD is to determine whether and to what extend an Advanced Battery Management System can increase the lifetime of the lithium sulfur battery cells. There are several objectives, which have to be carried out to reach this goal. At first, detailed characterization of Li-S battery cells has to be done and reliable SOC estimation method has to be proposed. This will be followed by electrochemical modelling of the Li-S cells. Moreover, a set of lifetime tests is going to be performed in order to develop lifetime model and identify critical stress factors and conditions, which affect Li-S battery lifetime. Based on obtained results, the Advanced Battery Management System with improved functionality will be proposed and validated.

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