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Annual meeting in the Danish Electric Vehicle Alliance

On 25 November from 1 pm to 5 pm, the Danish Electric Vehicle Alliance host their annual meeting with the topic Battery development including talks from researchers, companies and politicians. Speakers include members of the Danish Battery Society Lars Barkler from Lithium Balance and Søren Dahl from Haldor Topsøe A/S. Details about the meeting and signup info is …

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Besøg hos Tesla Motors i Danmark

IDA Mechanical København har arrangeret et besøg hos Tesla Motors, nærmere bestemt i Tesla’s Servicecenter i Kastrup. Kom og hør Tesla’s danske salgs-, service- og ingeniørmedarbejdere fortælle om virksomheden og produkterne. Besøget vil indeholde et foredrag som giver opdateret viden om Tesla’s elbil-koncept, herunder elmotor, batteri og rækkevidde, standarder for ladestik, hurtigladning samt service. Desuden vil vi …

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Danish Battery Symposium 2015

The second annual symposium in the Danish Battery Society is hosted by Ålborg university and focus on current and future battery activities in Denmark with updates from research and industry.   The agenda is available here, and presentations will, among others, cover: Battery assembling and packs Electrical luxury golf and leisure cars Battery material synthesis …

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Electrical luxury golf and leisure cars

Introduction to Garia and the idea behind our core products, the luxury golf and leisure vehicles. Presentation of experiences, possibilities and decisions related to batteries and in particularly design of lithium battery pack for low voltage applications.

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Support for Danish EV tax exemption

In a new survey conducted by the Danish Society of Engineers, 74% of the Danes support continued tax exemption for electrical vehicles beyond 2015. Also, the sale of electrical vehicles increased to more than 1500 in 2014 (almost 1% of all cars sold in 2014).   Read the full article (in Danish) at IDA.dk.

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Driving Green ’14

Driving Green is a the biggest event in Denmark for sustainable and efficient road transport. The trade fair is held on the 27th and the 28th of August 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a wide range of both public and private partners. Driving Green brings together communities from across diverse sectors to learn, share, innovate, …

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EV conference at Christiansborg

Will electric vehicles mature and evolve to be mainstream or stay as niche? Invitation to conference on May 22nd from 13:30 to 16:30 @ the Danish Parliament, Christiansborg, in Copenhagen Obama and the US government concentrates on industrial policies for development of electric car technologies – so much so that it is one of the …

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Electrical Power-Take Off on garbage truck and other vehicles

Experiences with development, production and application of large LiFePO4 powered E-PTO´s for heavy duty refuse collection vehicles. Check out the presentation here

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Nokia, the Battery Group 2004 and the Danish Electric Car Committee

1. Batteries for Mobile Phones – Nokia     – research on future chemistries     – validation of suppliers     – system optimization   2. Batterigruppen 2004 – BG-04      – exchange of knowledge and experience in area of battery application and chemistries        3. Dansk Elbil Komite – DELK      – provide information on electric …

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Battery activities at AAU: UPS, APU, automotive and grid connected systems

The increasing amount of renewable energy available in the energy system imposes challenges of predicting the fluctuating energy demand and production. Batteries are seen in more and more applications because they provide advantageous and necessary efficient electrical energy storage capabilities. The talk will present the activities at the Department of Energy Technology involving research from …

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