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Li-Ion battery technologies and processes

The presentation will start with an overview of Li-Ion Battery technologies. Li-Ion battery manufacturing will then be detailed with all the different steps, and examples of equipments will also be given.

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Fundamental considerations on energy density, power density and safety of batteries

The presentation will give a brief analysis of the possibilities that the periodic table give us for construction of batteries with high energy densities. As power densities are as important as energy densities, the importance of the characters of electrolyte and electrodes (liquid, solid, porosity, structure), and of the nature of the electrode reactants (solid, …

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Challenges and considerations when starting up Li ion battery research – from a practical point of view.

Research within the field of Li ion batteries is very popular all over the world, with a large commercial interest. This makes it very interesting, but also challenging, to start up a new research group. The presentation will describe some of the considerations and challenges you encounter when starting up research within the field on …

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