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Mogens B. Mogensen, born April 18th, 1948. Research Professor, Department of Energy Conversion and Storage, Technical University of Denmark, DTU. MSc Chemical Engineering, 1973, and PhD in Corrosion,1976, from Department of Metallurgy, DTU.

Energy research has been his main career; electrochemistry and chemistry for energy conversion – reversible electrolyser cells / fuel cells since 1988; early work in the areas of batteries, nuclear energy and corrosion. 40 years in electrochemistry.

During these years: project manager of many large scientific projects, mostly in close cooperation with industry. Supervisor of 40+ PhD students. Member of Danish science foundation boards and of a numerous scientific committees for international conferences since mid 1990’ies. 210 papers registered by Web of Science, cited more than 6450 times, average citations per item of 31.8; 350 scientific publications in peer reviewed journals, books and conference proceedings, 21 patents/applications (18 published + 3 filed), editor or co-editor of 9 books; 20 special reports, 16 popular articles; h-index 41(Web of Science).

Honours include The Christian Friedrich Schönbein Medal of Honour at the 8th European Fuel Cell Forum, 2008. The Science of Hydrogen & Energy Award 2012, 6th Hydrogen & Energy Symposium, Stoos, Switzerland.

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Fundamental considerations on energy density, power density and safety of batteries

The presentation will give a brief analysis of the possibilities that the periodic table give us for construction of batteries with high energy densities. As power densities are as important as energy densities, the importance of the characters of electrolyte and electrodes (liquid, solid, porosity, structure), and of the nature of the electrode reactants (solid, …

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