Nordic Ecolabelling criteria for Primary Batteries under consideration

Dear stakeholder,

We would like to inform you that our proposal for new Nordic Ecolabelling criteria for Primary Batteries is now under consideration. We would highly appreciate your input so that we can be as successful as possible.

Nordic Ecolabelling is developing a new consulting process in order for you to get involved from the beginning of the revision. Thus the consultation on reviewing the criteria for Primary batteries is divided into three sub processes, each dealing with a specific topic in three individual consultation periods.

Information regarding the new consulting process, how to reply and deadlines for commenting, can be found here:

All information regarding the proposal for the first sub process, product definition, use of resources in batteries and packaging, can be found here:

Your comments will help us to improve our work, which aims towards sustainable production and consumerism.

Best regards,
Nordic Ecolabelling

Thomas Christensen
Nordic Product Manager

Nordic Ecolabelling
Box 38114
SE-100 64 Stockholm

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