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About the Discussion Forum

The Battery Network Discussion Forum is an online collaboration tool in the PhD network.

From our discussion sessions, we know that many of us struggle with the same challenges and questions; Things such as establishing a best-practice, finding the best supplier and establishing new experimental techniques. In the network you can post questions or experiences on such topics and the other participants can answer and comment.

We hope that this will be an easy and accessible way of sharing knowledge within the network.

How does it work?
The network is based on a googlegroup that is a combination of an online forum and an email distribution list. All questions are posted by sending an email to

All members will receive the question by email, and answers and comments are posted by replying to this email.

The standard configuration is to receive an email every time something is posted, but if we get a lot of activity, it is possible to change the notification settings.

How to join the forum?
We have currently invited our PhD network to the forum. If you have not been invited and want to post in the network, please write us at with a short description of yourself.

About the PhD network
The network has been established to increase the knowledge sharing in Denmark between PhD students and PostDocs in Denmark working with batteries and battery-related science.
The main purpose is to facilitate bottom-up cross-institutional collaboration. In addition to knowledge sharing, collaboration could be writing a paper together, lab-visits to learn certain methods or even exchanging lab-facilities or analysis.
Any suggestions to improvements, functionalities or events are most welcome at

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