Discussion forum

Welcome to our online discussion forum!

The forum is made to facilitate an easy and accessible way of sharing knowledge within the network. Topics in the forum could be related to experimental best-practice, finding a reliable supplier and establishing collaboration on experimental techniques. Members of the forum can post questions or experiences and the other members can answer and comment.

The forum is public and posts should therefore not contain confidential information. Please visit About the discussion forum and FAQ for more information.

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About the Discussion Forum

The Battery Network Discussion Forum is an online collaboration tool in the PhD network. From our discussion sessions, we know that many of us struggle with the same challenges and questions; Things such as establishing a best-practice, finding the best supplier and establishing new experimental techniques. In the network you can post questions or experiences …

FAQ – Discussion forum

Why am I a member? We have added all participants of the PhD network. If you do not want to participate, you can unsubscribe easily by sending an email to batterysociety+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. Can I become a member of the forum? The forum is public, so everyone can see the posts and comments. To contribute to the forum …