Steinar Birgisson

PhD student

Phone: +45-87155367

PhD information

Project Title: Lithium ion nanomaterials for improvement of large scale energy storage
Advisor(s): Bo Brummerstedt Iversen, Søren Dahl
University: Aarhus University
Department: Engineering
Company: Haldor Topsøe A/S
Commencement: February 2013

Technical Information

Synthesis techniques: Hydrothermal
Analytical techniques: X-ray Powder Diffraction (PXRD), Total Scattering, Pair Distribution Function (PDF), Synchrotron
Electrochemical techniques: None

Description of PhD project

The PhD project aims to developed new nanomaterials for application in Li-ion batteries. The research is focused on synthesis methods that are industrially relevant and are based on solvothermal reaction of the materials being studied. The main focus is on synthesis in supercritical fluids which has a great potential as a new environmentally friendly way to produce chemicals industrially.
After the synthesis the nanoparticles are structurally characterized with the help of X-ray diffraction, neutron diffraction, TEM/SEM, SAXS, XRF, ICP, BET and potentially X-ray absorption techniques (XANES/EXAFS). Our group has developed and implemented with great success a novel way for in-situ measurement of solvothermal reactions and therefore the research will in particular focus on in-situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction measurement to study reaction mechanism and nanoparticle growth. The electrochemical characteristics of these materials will also be studied using the newly developed battery-lab in the chemistry department at Aarhus University.


Steinar Birgisson received his bachelor degree in Chemistry from The University of Iceland in 2011. After that he worked for a year as a research scientist at Carbon Recycling International, a small innovation company in Iceland. There he participated in the commissioning of the first methanol plant in the world that produces methanol from CO2 emission in a renewable way.

In 2012, he came to Aarhus University and is currently working in Prof. Bo B. Iversen's group as a PhD student. His PhD project concerns synthesis and characterization of nano-sized battery materials with emphasis on in-situ measurements on hydrothermal reactions.

Latest posts

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  2. In-situ synchrotron powder X-ray diffraction — September 25, 2013

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In situ study of hydrothermal formation of spinel type LiMn2O4 nanocrystals

Solvothermal reactions have been shown to be a good way to synthesize nanocrystalline materials. Many properties of the product, such as phase composition, crystallite size, morphology and crystallinity, can be controlled by changing and controlling synthesis conditions, such as reaction temperature, heating rate, reaction time, precursor concentration and pH. Ex situ investigation of the effect …

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In-situ synchrotron powder X-ray diffraction

Our group has developed and successfully used an in-situ measurement setup for the study hydrothermal formation of nanoparticles under sub- and supercritical conditions. The presentation introduces details of the experimental setup as well as explaining each step of the data analysis. As an example of one of our experiment some preliminary results of a temperature …

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