Procrystal analysis for easy visualization of Li pathways


The search for novel crystalline materials for use as electrodes in battery materials is a lengthy and costly process. There is a great need for a fast evaluation tool to supplement already existing experimental and theoretical methods.

In this talk, the procrystal analysis is introduced as a fast technique for pointing out promising candidates for electrodes.

The procrystal analysis, developed in collaboration between the groups of prof. Bo B. Iversen (Aarhus University) and prof. Mark A. Spackman (University of Western Australia) is a crystallographic technique for the visualization of ion migration pathways in single crystals – a feature which has great influence on the general performance of the material as an electrode.
The method has reproduced ion migration pathways obtained by more advanced theoretical calculations, and because of its simplicity is very fast and easy to use.
The results and prospects of this method will be shown and discussed in detail.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg Procrystal analysis for easy visualization of Li pathways

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