2020.04.22 General Assembly

Update on the 16th of April 2020: No incoming proposals from members received.

Dear members of the Danish Battery Society,

It is a great pleasure to invite all members to the annual General Assembly on the 22nd of April 2020 at 16.00. It will be an online meeting due to the corona situation.

Please send an email to our Chairman Lars Barkler at lba@lithiumbalance.com if you want to participate, and you will then receive a calendar invitation with a link and phone number to the event.

The agenda of the meeting is found below, and the Chairman’s report and the accounts for 2019 can be seen here:

The deadline for members to send proposals to be discussed at the General Assembly was on the 14th of April 2020, but the Board has not received any proposals.

All members can become board members if you would like to contribute to the work in our Battery Society. We do not limit the number of board members, as we believe those who are actively contributing, should also have an influence on the board. If you would like to join the board you are welcome to contact Lars Barkler, or you can just inform us during the general meeting. At the first board meeting after the general assembly, the board members will distribute tasks, and we have regular brief online meetings to agree on and coordinate activities.  


  1. Election of chairman and referent for the meeting
    • Suggested by the board: Jonathan Højberg, Research Engineer, Haldor Topsøe A/S
  2. Chairman’s report
    • By Lars Barkler, CEO Lithium Balance. It can be found above.
  3. Presentation and approval of accounts and budget
    • By Accountant Michael Sørensen, CLEAN. It can be found above.
    • The board recommends that the Annual Accounts 2019 and the Budget 2020 are approved
  4. Proposals from the board and members
    • No suggestions from the board
    • Suggestions from members: No suggestions received.
  5. Election of board members
    • The current board members are: Lars Barkler, Erik Schaltz, Kjeld Nørregaard, Per Jørgensen-Møller, Poul Norby, Jonathan Højberg, Jon Fold von Bülow, Claus Meineche, Roar Hestbek
    • Up for election are Roar, Jonathan, and Jon, who are all willing to accept reelection
    • Claus and Lars have decided to leave the board.
    • Michael Sørensen from CLEAN is willing to accept the election
    • We hope that other members would like to join the board also.
  6. Election of auditor
    • If re-elected to the Board, Roar is willing to accept the position as an auditor also.
  7. Any other business

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