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Søren Juhl Andreasen received his M.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Aalborg University, Denmark in 2005, with a specialization in Electro-Mechanical System Design.

In 2009 he received the Ph.D. degree from the Doctoral School of Engineering and Science at Aalborg University. He worked at the Department of Energy Technology for the following three years as a Postdoc researcher with focus on fuel cells, fuel cell stacks and fuel cell systems; in particular polybenzimidazole based MEAs and high temperature PEM fuel cells.

The research involved development of electrochemical characterization systems for fuel cells, methanol reforming and characterization of chemical steam reformers and system control. Since 2012 he has been employed as Associate Professor at the Department of Energy Technology, and he is head of the Fuel Cell and Battery Laboratory. His research includes single cell, stack, component, fuel cell systems, and control of fuel cell systems.

Furthermore he has dealt increasingly with different aspects of the design of hybrid electric system, including small electrical, and utility vehicles, automotive battery applications, passive hybrid systems combining fuel cells and batteries, battery testing procedures, high power battery pack testing and battery management systems.

Recently he has been part of launching research in the area of electrical energy storage at the Department of Energy Technology.

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Battery activities at AAU: UPS, APU, automotive and grid connected systems

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