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Morten Brix Ley received his bachelor degree at iNANO, Aarhus University in Nanoscience in 2009. He studied Applied Mechanics at the Aarhus University School of Engineering for a year, before becoming a PhD student in Assoc. Prof. Torben R. Jensens group in 2010. His research focuses on multifunctional complex hydrides for solid-state hydrogen storage and solid-state electrolytes.

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  1. Metal borohydrides as solid-state electrolytes — September 25, 2013

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Metal borohydrides as solid-state electrolytes

Storage of renewable energy is essential in order to create a new sustainable energy economy e.g. directly as electricity in a Li-battery or indirectly as hydrogen in a solid state metal hydride.1 Batteries are rechargeable but have moderate life time and limited energy storage capacity. Metal borohydrides can store considerable amounts of energy as hydrogen …

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