Lithium-Sulfur – Next Generation Battery Technology

OXIS Energy is the world leader in the development of Lithium-Sulfur cell technology. OXIS high-energy, rechargeable Lithium-Sulfur (Li-S) batteries are the next generation in energy storage devices for electric vehicles, renewable energy storage and defence applications.

This game changing chemistry has a theoretical energy density five times that of Li-Ion technologies and commercial-size pouch cells with a gravimetric density of 300 Wh/kg have already been made. The nature of OXIS Li-S cells makes them inherently safer than Li-Ion and a range of abuse tests have been carried out, including bullet penetration, without rupture or fire. The chemistry is also tolerant of high temperatures and cells have been cycled successfully at 100°C. Historically, cycle life has been considered as the limiting factor of the Li-S chemistry, but OXIS have demonstrated in excess of 1000 cycles with cells made two years ago and, following further development, today’s cells are expected to exceed 2000 cycles.
OXIS Li-S cells have been shown working in a number of applications from small, high energy density military batteries to large 7.5 kWh packs for light electric vehicles and energy storage. OXIS produces a range of cells optimized for different applications and these are now being manufactured in Asia by GP Batteries.

The presentation is part of the Public talk-event Emerging battery technologies – commercialization of the next generation with presentations on lithium-sulfur and sodium-ion batteries.

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