2019.04.30 DTU Skylab is hosting the first humanitrack challenge on energy storage

At the event an expert panel will help map out our trajectory by sharing the latest insights into the status, direction, opportunities and hurdles of both stationary and mobile energy storage. The panel will then guide us down into three specific areas of technology that are boosting energy storage progress: Supercapacitors, Solid-state Batteries, and Metal-ion Batteries. With navigation in place from the panel, all participants will then man their stations (bring your laptop!) and familiarize themselves with humanitrack.org in order to begin taking action on the Challenge.

Take a break in the action to enjoy snacks, drinks, and a beer or two during this great opportunity to synch-up and network with those locally who share your tech passion…who knows what new projects and ideas might arise here or later via humanitrack.org!

Join or read more about the event at DTU SkyLab here:

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