About the PhD network

To increase the knowledge sharing in Denmark, DBS has initiated a PhD network for PhD students and PostDocs in Denmark working with batteries and battery-related science. The first task is to establish contact between the different research groups. The discussion sessions are part of this task.
The main purpose is to facilitate bottom-up cross-institutional collaboration. In addition to knowledge sharing, collaboration could be writing a paper together, lab-visits to learn certain methods or even exchanging lab-facilities or analysis.

The core of the PhD network is a database of PhD profiles and an online forum:

The database contain project descriptions, competence tags and contact information. It is possible to make full text searches in the database and search by competences to find relevant profiles to contact. The searching is performed at http://batteriselskab.dk/phd-search.

The online forum is made to share knowledge and experiences across the network. Topics can be establishing a best-practice, finding the best supplier and establishing new experimental techniques. The forum is found at http://batteriselskab.dk/discussion-forum.

If you have suggestions to improvements, functionalities or events, you are most welcome at to share this at contact@batterysociety.dk.


Enjoy collaboration!

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