Tim Andersen


Tim Andersen is fire safety engineer at Ramboll Denmark. He got his degree of Master of Fire Safety at Technical University of Denmark in June 2017.
The subject of his master thesis was a fire risk assessment of lithium-ion batteries for energy storage in residential homes. The thesis presents a semi-quantitative fire risk assessment of a 6 kWh lithium-ion battery stored in a garage. The garage was attached to a residential house. However, the principles of the analysis can also be used for larger lithium-ion batteries. The analysis considered different scenarios with hazards during normal use of the battery, misuse, damage, fires and thermal runaway. Some of the consequences was release of flammable and toxic gasses, high fire load, high fire effect and the fire brigade’s operation conditions.
Tim has a broad experience within fire safety for difference types for buildings such as offices, dwellings, hotels, airports etc. He also has some experience with fire risk assessment of tall buildings.

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