About the industrial network

To increase the knowledge sharing in Denmark, the online presence of the industrial networking group (ERFA) known as BG-04 is being integrated on the DBS website.

The group BG-04 has existed since 2004 and mainly served as a discussion forum for industrial partners meeting a couple of times annually.

The level of confidentiality and openness in this group has served as a fundamental importance in the groups continued work.

The integration with DBS is viewed as a way to increase the number of active members interested in sharing and gaining knowledge on batteries and their applications, while preserving the confidentiality and trust.

The closer collaboration between DBS and BG-04 in what could be called the “DBS industrial Network” or “DBS iNet”, is also a possibility for the industrial colleagues to get closer to the scientific experts in the academic network (DBS aNet).

The participation fee for joining the DBS Industry Network is 2500 DKK per year, which is currently held separate from the annual membership fee for joining DBS. Any new members of the industrial network must first be approved by all the members of the existing network. Applications are accepted through contacting Per Jørgensen Møller through our contact form.

If you have suggestions to improvements, functionalities or events, you are most welcome to share this at contact@batterysociety.dk.


Enjoy collaborating!

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Companies in the industrial network

AtoZ electronic aps,     Industrivænget 8, 5450 Otterup Unik Electronic,               Haraldsvej 11, 8660 Skanderborg CB Batteri Teknik aps,  Werner Larsensvej 5, 4930 Maribo Celltech A/S,                       Lejrvej 25,   3500  Værløse GN Audio A/S                   Lautrupbjerg 7, 2750 Ballerup GN Hearing A/S              Lautrupbjerg 7, 2750 Ballerup LEGO Systems A/S       Electronics …

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